If you think professional cleaning costs a small fortune, prepare to be surprised. The rates we offer are one of the lowest in Hammersmith area and the quality of our services highly exceeds their value. And while it is hard to put a price on having a clean and healthy home, without all the scrubbing, washing, polishing and mopping, we offer rates that fit perfectly in your budget.

Once you are given an exact quote, there will be no hidden charges, no small print – all prices are final, VAT included. Pay exactly the amount you are promised for the service you need.

And here is the best part – Cleaners Hammersmith does not request any payments in advance. For your convenience all payments are done after the clean has been conducted, directly to the cleaners on site or via credit card.

Prices listed below apply for Hammersmith and other covered areas, mornings and afternoons, both weekdays and weekends. We work on bank holidays for no extra charge. Please note that certain terms, conditions and  minimums apply.

For further questions, comments and details, contact us on 020 3468 2743.